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The history of Remedy Spiced Rum begins in the 1920s in the United States of America. In an era characterized by wealth, by wild and excessive parties, but also by the prohibition. From 1920 to 1933, it was prohibited in all of the US to produce, transport and sell alcohol.

But of course, people found ways and means to get their hands on alcohol.
Drugstores and pharmacies were one possibility, as they were permitted to sell spirits on prescription. This, however, led to a whole new business line of illegally smuggled alcohol procured from pharmacies.

This signified the birth of Remedy Spiced Rum, a spirit that mesmerized guests in secret bars and pubs as well as during exclusive parties and events.

Today, almost 100 years later, we have rediscovered the fascination of this rum so that Remedy Spiced Rum is celebrating its rebirth.



People had found out that they could make the taste of rum even more complex and diverse by adding spices, their discovery paved the way for several variations of this fine spirit. It helped that during this period, barkeepers and later even pharmacists were especially eager to experiment with the production of various spiced rums.
It is said that pharmacists even praised their spiced rums as elixirs or fortifying tonics.

It was a time of discoveries and trials. Some of these recipes were well-kept secrets, as was the case with the recipe for Remedy Spiced Rum. Legend has it that its recipe was first created around 1922 in a drugstore in New York. At that time, Farrington’s Drugstore already enjoyed the reputation of selling some of the finest spirits to its customers.

After receiving a few barrels of rum from Barbados and the Dominican Republic, fine spices as well as other ingredients such as vanilla, orange peel and cinnamon were added to the spirit to macerate.

Born was an unique rum with a lovely, subtle sweetness and a powerful aroma.


Remedy Spiced Rum quickly became one of the most exotic and expensive spirits available in pharmacies. It was the connection between pharmacies and so-called drugstores that inspired its name, Remedy. With the years, a fitting toast was created: "Just what the Doctor ordered" For over a decade, Remedy Spiced Rum was an integral part of New York’s party scene. People enjoyed a variety of Remedy cocktails in the secret pubs and clubs – called speakeasies – which played an important role in partying the night away and celebrating with wild abandon.

When the Prohibition ended in 1933, it led to a sharp decline in spirits sold by pharmacies. Quantities decreased until virtually no alcohol was sold like this anymore.
As a consequence, Remedy Spiced Rum faded into oblivion over the course of a few years.

It took around 100 years to rediscover the rum with its unique history.
Then as much as now, Remedy Spiced Rum is a welcome guest at the most extravagant and extraordinary parties. Whether in exotic or classic cocktails, neat or on the rocks – Remedy Spiced Rum will always be the perfect "remedy" for an unforgettable night.

With this in mind: Enjoy the party, old friend.